This is a story I recently wrote that I hope you’ll enjoy. Please, tell me what you think—criticisms and all—in the comments below; just be sure to keep it civil. Hehe.

I was riding with a friend through the mountains. The moon shined above, full and bright, the grass aside the road slick with dew. The road was cool by now despite the hot desert day—a hot desert night can do that to an arid landscape.

At about half past ten, we saw something that provoked in us the most severe emotion of terror and confusion: a light, as a star in the sky, but in the trees. To this day, I still have no idea what could have caused either it or the feeling it evoked in us.



I drove through the night. They didn’t think I could do it. Not after the incident 2 years ago; that night was tough. So tough I could not speak until a few days afterwards—the shock of it just got to me, I suppose.

Long story short, not one person—friend, family or foe—had gotten me to talk about that time—not until about a week ago, at least… That’s why I’m on my way to the nearest big city: to see a therapist. Now that I can talk about it, I want to see if I can get to the bottom of that night. If I can make sense of it, I want to.

Upon arrival, I checked into a Holiday Plus, exhausted but proud. A 12-hour drive is nothing to gawk at, and it definitely can feel like a full-time job after the first 500 kilometres rolls by on the dashboard. So it feels good when you finally finish the journey.



The tires are blown; we must be two hundred kilometres out in the middle of nowhere. I have no clue what I and Jacey are going to do. We have no cell coverage out here and no way to fix the tire.

God damn it all… What even caused our tires to blow anyway? We must have searched all over the ground near that damned car…

The weirdest part, though, isn’t what all happened, but when it happened. It occurred at exactly half past ten, the same time as the incident that took my friend from me. There was even a strange light emanating from the distance, and no one lives within a five-hundred-kilometre radius in any direction…



Jacey… She died. Three days ago.

I don’t know why it wanted them, but it’s taken them all. Now I have no one: no Jacey, no Patricia, no Stan, Karen, Mom and Dad…

Well, fine. So be it…

You wanted them…

You can have me, too.

Image Credit: “drop”, by Manoir de la Boirie.

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

Image has not been changed.


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