I saw this recently on Wikipedia and my mind was blown. As a trans woman myself, I will say that this makes me very proud to be who I am!

Trans and intersex people of all genders and sexes, stand tall for you are divine!

Aphroditus (Greek: Ἀφρόδιτος Aphroditos) was a male Aphrodite originating from Amathus on the island of Cyprus and celebrated in Athens in a transvestite rite.

Aphroditus was portrayed as having a female shape and clothing like Aphrodite’s but also a phallus, and hence, a male name.[2]

.   .   .

One of the earliest surviving images from Athens is a fragment (late 4th century BC), found in the Athenian agora, of a clay mould for a terracotta figurine. The figurine would have stood about 30 cm high, represented in a style known as άνασυρόμενος (anasyromenos), a female lifting her dress to reveal male genitals,[7] a gesture that was believed to have apotropaic qualities, averting evil influences and bestowing good luck.[8]

This combination of the male and female in one divinity and being associated with the moon, both of which were considered to have fertilizing powers, was regarded as having an influence over the entire animal and vegetable creation.[9]

Aphroditus, the Male Equivalent of Aphrodite
“Aphroditus – The beauty of the body. Roman Imperial Bronze, 1st-3rd century AD”, via MARQ Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Image Credit: MARQ Museo Arqueológico de Alicante, Spain
Released under an CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication licence.
Image has been changed from .jpg to .png file type.


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