A Short Story to Peak the Week

School’s been pretty stressful for me lately, so this week I thought I’d write a bit of fiction to help calm the mood. I apologise for the lack of indentation, but I can’t figure out how to do that for specific lines only; it seems WordPress is making this harder than it needs to be…

In any case, it’s quite short, but I hope you like it!



The old palisade streaks across the city, a remnant of an earlier time of malevolent but strong hue. Few can fathom it now, but it was the jewel of an empire; the latter has, however, been long since absolved, brought into this new age of decadent poverty. A shameful devolution made worse by our better past…

Black and marine-blue, the palisade strove to remind us daily of the constant struggles, so dangerous were our efforts to carry out of this land that which would keep us alive. Ideological divide was a crazed notion to most of the foreigners of our time, yes, but we learned our boundaries as we made them. Division can still create unity if you know where to cut.

While the old world was made of stone and brick, and of brimstone burned from passion itself, today we are merely text & texture—an impotent utopianism wrought from the wants of fools. Iron, steel, and copper… The guns did away with them swiftly and without restraint. Now brick is the only building in which we live, the only bed in which we make love, the only chair in which we read the few books our limitations allot us…

Republics come and go, as all nations do, but at least empires stay alive, even if just in our blinded memories. Although it has only been three years, the distance between my country and I feels eternal. Then again, the past always does seem a long time ago when it’s forced out of you.


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